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Dinah Satterwhite

About Dinah

ONE THING As a fine art photographer, event planner, and juror, I see thousands of images each year. For me, a great piece of art has to start with just one thing: the ability to stop me in my tracks. To catch my breath, and hold me timeless in it’s grasp. To be interesting, even from a distance. To tell a story. I strive to create great photos that express my passion for life. I like them to stand out in a crowd, and share a special light, emotion, color, detail, or composition. And yes, each one tells a story. MY HOPE I hope you find my thirst for beauty — enchanting    … my love for color and drama — inspiring    … my painterly light photos — illuminating    … my work ethic and search for excellence — enriching    … and my passion for timeless beauty — breathtaking.


Ms. Satterwhite has been a resident of Bainbridge Island, Washington, since 1997. She is a competitive tennis player, talented pianist, and speaks German. Her background includes marketing, hi-tech, insurance, operations, and advertising. She offers consulting and commercial photography for artists and corporate clients, as well as marketing and photography workshops. Her work can be found in regional galleries, on stage and film sets, and in homes and office settings worldwide.
fine art photography Bainbridge Island, Washington