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METAL PRINTS For incredible detail and resolution, printing on metal is a dynamic and very durable method of reproduction. Using a high-heat process, dyes are infused into special aluminum sheets, for a clean and luminescent print. The surface is ultra hard, and resistant to scratches. It is waterproof, and can be easily cleaned with any commercial glass cleaner, or plain water and a soft microfiber cloth. Choose between three finishes: satin, mid-gloss, or high gloss. High gloss is brilliant and shiny with a real “wow” factor, but not ideal for areas where fingerprints are frequent. Satin is smooth and even, with a soft appearance and minimal glare, and is especially great when surface reflection is a concern. Mid-gloss is a nice balance between the two. Metal prints have great image stability, and have been proven to endure the test of time. They are also fairly weatherproof, although direct sunlight should always be avoided. Each print arrives with slightly rounded edges, and a ½” float on the back that allows it to sit slightly off the wall, for a beautiful and elegant floating effect. Indicate the exact image title. We will crop the image to best suit the final size format. Prices shown when you select a size. Some common sizes include: 8” x 12” $ 92.00 16” x 20” $205.00 24” x 30” $355.00 30” x 40” $550.00
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