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Order Details

We hope you’re enjoying the beautiful and one-of-a-kind fine art photography by Dinah Satterwhite. Please review these details before ordering anything from this website, to ensure your satisfaction. Below is additional information about the metal prints and gallery canvas wraps, plus a few fun gift ideas. All of these products are prepared with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship, to ensure that Dinah’s work is reproduced to the highest standards available today. CROPPING: Each image will be custom sized to the best fit, depending on the size and product you order. There is almost always some cropping of the original image that you see on this website, in order to fit the image into the proportion of the size print that you order. Some extra long or tall images, like the color panoramas, will require size reductions on one side. Call before placing your order if you are not clear about cropping, or have a specific request. All sizes on this website are in inches. All orders are custom made to your specifications, and cannot be returned.
For incredible detail and resolution, printing on metal is a dynamic and very durable method of reproduction. Using a high-heat process, dyes are infused into special coated aluminum sheets, not “on” them, for a clean and luminescent print. The surface is ultra-hard, and resistant to scratches. It is waterproof, and can be easily cleaned with any commercial glass cleaner. Dinah often uses plain water and a soft microfiber cloth. You have the option of choosing two different finishes: a high gloss finish, which is brilliant and shiny with a real “wow” factor, or satin, which is smooth, very even, soft, and is especially great when surface reflection is a concern (or fingerprints). The metal prints have archival qualities, and have been proven to endure the test of time. They are also fairly weatherproof, although direct sunlight should always be avoided.

Metal Prints

The edges are slightly rounded, and a 1” float on the back allows the metal print to sit slightly off the wall, for a beautiful and elegant floating effect. And the flat metal plate on the float has perfectly centered holes for easy hanging, completely invisible from the front. Don’t be surprised if you find these metal prints absolutely breathtaking!  

Framed Metal Prints

A very distinctive and clean way to display your metal print is with a metal frame. These frames are flush mounted on the back of the metal print, and arrive perfectly finished without glass, and ready to hang. Choose from black, silver, or gold metal. If you can’t choose which color, write “best frame color” for your choice, and Dinah will choose the color that coordinates best with the image you’ve choosen.
Fine art giclée canvas gallery wraps are a very popular and contemporary way to display Dinah’s images. They are printed directly onto museum quality canvas using high quality archival inks, and then are wrapped around an artist’s stretcher frame. Each piece has a depth of 1-1/2” and the surface is treated with UV light protection. They are delivered ready to hang.

Gallery Canvas Wraps

This frameless presentation creates a high end art piece worthy of any wall. With no glass or mat, the lightweight canvas-wrapped wooden frame is seamless, sturdy, and is easy to hang. Only the highest quality papers and inks are used, for impecable results that you will notice immediately, and enjoy for many years.

Float Frame,

Gallery Canvas Wraps

Simply stunning! Float frames are mounted with a space between the frame and the canvas wrap, so that the print appears to be floating within the frame. Each solid wood frame moulding is carefully inspected to insure gallery quality levels. These are the piece de resistance! For a serious conversation piece, try a large format float frame, such as the 24”x36.” Choose from black, silver, and gold frames. If you can’t choose which color, make your best choice on your order and write “or best color frame color” after your image title, and Dinah will choose the color that coordinates best with the image you’ve choosen.
fine art photography Bainbridge Island, Washington
Metal Prints
Gallery Canvas Wraps

iPad Mini, iPad, Mini Tablet/Tablet, and Laptop Sleeves

Beautiful neoprene sleeves protect your precious devices in style with Dinah’s images on them. iPad Mini and iPad sleeves are water resistant, plush, and super protective. Sized for iPad Mini 2/3/4 and Apple iPad. Mini Tablet sleeve fits devices up to 7”x5.” Tablet sleeve fits devices up to 10.25”x8.” Laptop sleeve fits devices up to 13.5”x10.25.”
In addition to the fine art items shown above, Dinah is pleased to offer some smaller items such as her neoprene iPad, Laptop, and Tablet sleeves, plus exquisite slate tiles, note cards, and a hardcover book.

Hardcover Book

Dinah’s 30-page hardcover book features her “Into the Light” photos, with minimal text. It is a lovely small coffee table book, suitable for gifting, and easy to ship. Consider sending this book to your clients or a family member with a gifting option, where the recipient can choose an image and order a metal or canvas print (and Dinah will arrange direct shipping and no payment or invoice paperwork to the recipient). What a great way to give a beautiful gift that someone chose for themselves! The book also makes an excellent gift to send with a print, especially when you custom  match the cover of the book to the print you are giving. Why not give a few copies? The cover is customizable, and the book can be signed. Details on the order page.

Slate Tiles

Hardy and smooth slate tiles have a beautiful edging detail that carries on the color scheme from Dinah’s image through multi-layered sides. Each tile arrives in a custom box with two stands. You can add a wall mount if you wish, or call within 1 business day after placing your order, and Dinah will add a wall mount for free! Tiles are 7”x7”x3/8.”          Hint: if you order 5 of the same image, it’s like getting one free!
Mini/Tablet sleeves
Laptop sleeve
iPad mini sleeve
iPad mini sleeve

Note Cards

These 5”x7” note cards are high quality reproductions of Dinah’s work, with a soft pearl surface for added elegance. Sets of 25, of the same image, include envelopes. Choose one specific image when ordering. “Shutter Chance 1” is shown above on the left. As a fun option, choose a series and order a variety set. Dinah will pick several images from the series that you choose and send you a set of 25 cards from that series. Some will be duplicates of course, and some won’t. Above on the right is a sample of what a variety set of “Vertical Download” cards might look like.
MATCHING COLORS? Looking to match a specific color? Try a sample print. Dinah offers 8x10 “sample prints” at a great price so you can check the color before committing to a larger format.  GREAT IDEA!!  See order page.
Tablet and laptop sleeves are also great for carrying books,  and kids & teens love them as pencil cases and more!
Order details