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Dinah Satterwhite


Dinah Satterwhite’s photography is a bright infusion of creative energy that we hope will inspire

you to enhance your home or office, or purchase a timeless gift for someone you care for.

Ms. Satterwhite is a fine art photographer from Bainbridge Island, Washington.   Some of the photos on this website are from her “Into the Light” series, which blend motion and light in a very artistic and surreal way. Many take on the look of an acrylic painting. It’s a “weaving” of light, dark, color, motion, and texture. (more on her bio page)  The Gallery page offers links to each individual series. She offers more photos from her Color Collection of scenic images, featuring a selection of beautiful photographs found nowhere else.
fine art photography Bainbridge Island, Washington

How to


You can order the images as metal prints, gallery canvas wraps, framed canvas wraps, card

boxes, prints, and more. Every order is custom prepared for you, using the highest quality

printing available.

First, peruse the images in the main Gallery or Color Collection and write down the titles of the ones that you want. Second,,go to the Order page and select the type of items that you would like.        Metal print? Canvas wrap? You will have several size options as well. Order your first item and type in the full name of the image you want. PayPal will create a shopping cart for you.  Provide your phone number if you think we may need to contact you about the order. Order your second item, by filling in each option in the box next to your selection. Then hit “Add to Cart.” Your PayPal cart will show the additional item(s). Continue adding items, and checkout on your last item. NOTE: For some items like metal prints, there are special options, like a signature on the front of each piece. Look at the Order page for more information. Designers, Wholesale orders. Special discounts are available to designers and galleries or resellers. Please send the details of your order directly through an e-mail and attach a copy of your resale license. You will be contacted by phone to confirm the total due minus the discount, and to complete the order. Indicate your full name, business, address, and phone number, along with the shipping information and complete details about each of the items you wish to purchase, like in the example shown above. Your order can be drop-shipped directly to your clients if you wish. It will arrive in an un-marked box, with no identification, unless you wish otherwise. Your clients will have no link to Dinah’s name or website. If you are looking to match a specific theme, like strong vertical elements, or vivid colors, or soft natural elements, go to the Gallery by Theme page. Each series from her “Into the Light” series is sorted by theme, just for you.
Sample order for a framed metal print.